Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you trust The Mother Dog?

I have been a dog mother for about a decade and my experience as a Chef along with certifications in Pet Food Nutrition and Advanced Canine Nutrition have gone into designing and preparing the recipes. Each recipe is a high-protein species-appropriate diet with ingredients and their quantities carefully chosen to give your dog a truly well-balanced and nutritious diet. The food is gently cooked to retain maximum nutrients and is free from preservatives, synthetics, salt, sugar, grains, soy, corn, and gluten.

What goes into The Mother Dog’s recipes?

The meat, fish and vegetables are of the highest quality and freshly procured every week from the best vendors in Gujarat. There is no salt, sugar, grains, soy, corn, gluten, preservatives, by-products or synthetic additives. The packaging clearly spells out each and every item that goes into the recipe along with the date of preparation. The only two ingredients that you won’t find in the packaging are our love and care for your dogs.

How do I choose the correct quantity for my dog?

What do I get in the Subscription model?

The subscription models are designed considering the calorie requirements of dogs of different sizes. For Small, Medium and Large breeds, it is recommended that one packet is fed in the morning and one in the evening. For the Toy breeds, one packet per day can be split between the morning and evening meals.

How do I order?

You can buy our recipes as Taster Packs – which can serve as trial samples for your dogs – and as Subscription – for 15 and 30 days. Once you select the products you need, you can make online payment and we will deliver your order.

How to transition from kibble to fresh food?

Give your dog a few days to get used to the shift from kibble to fresh food. Do not worry if they have an upset stomach in the first couple of days. Please follow this chart for a smooth transition for your dogs.

How should I store the food before giving it to my dog?

You can store it in the freezer. The food has a shelf-life of 4 months in the freezer and 3 days in the fridge. Once opened, consume the food within 3 days.

Can I give the food directly to my dog?

The meal packet delivered to you is frozen and ready-to-eat. Keep the meal packet in the fridge the previous night so that it will thaw gradually before feeding. Though the packaging is microwave safe, it is not recommended to microwave the food as it causes nutrient loss.

How long is the food frozen before being delivered?

The food is never deep-frozen or packed away for weeks together before delivery. It is packed immediately after preparation and delivered to you within days of preparation. You can find the date when the food was prepared on each packet received by you.

Where does The Mother Dog deliver?

Currently we are operating in Ahmedabad and deliver only in Ahmedabad.

What is the frequency of delivery?

For subscription customers, once you place the order, meal packets for one week will be delivered within 2 days in the morning between 7am and 9am. For taster packs, your food will be delivered within 2 days in the morning between 7am and 9am. Drop us a message at +919940350712 for any queries/customization related to your delivery.

I have subscribed for a month. Now I am going out of town for a week. Should I cancel my subscription?

No, you need not cancel as your payment is made for the number of deliveries. You can take a break from your subscription and join back later. Just inform us at +91 9940350712 or [email protected] the night before your delivery and we will take care of the rest.

What is the mode of payment?

You can pay online directly through our website. You can also make mobile payments through GPay/Paytm to +91 9940350712 and send your proof of payments and details of subscription to [email protected].

How do I cancel my delivery for tomorrow?

Text me at +91 9940350712 or [email protected] the night before your delivery for any changes in your delivery schedule

What is the procedure for refund?

Your refund will be credited to your account in 7 business days. Please contact us at +91 9940350712 or [email protected] with your order details to coordinate the refund.

Hey, I’m concerned about the environment and use of plastic packaging. Can you pack the food in something else?

Just give us your dabbas and we can deliver the food in them. Contact at +91 9940350712 or email us at [email protected] to arrange this.

What do I do if I still have questions?

I am always up for a chat. Contact at +91 9940350712 or drop an email to [email protected] if you have any queries.

Note: Always consult your vet before feeding if your dog is on medication for diabetes, arthritis, renal issues, etc.