I have trained at Marriott Bengaluru and headed the kitchen of restaurants in Chennai And Ahmedabad. My interest in the science behind dog nutrition led me to certifications in Pet Food Nutrition and Advanced Canine Nutrition and I have come to realize how kibble is forced on our dogs when we have a much safer and healthier option of fresh food. The Mother Dog is here to provide that option.

My life as a dog mother started with Roro, an indie I brought home from my college campus. Along with Roro, I adopted Jojo, a spitz who had come from a very traumatic background. Both have crossed the rainbow bridge since and currently I am the mother of Momo, a 12-year old indie and Mishka, a 9-year old freagle. I found Momo in the streets of Chennai exactly 3 months after Roro’s passing. She is the queen of our house and she knows it very well. She resembles Roro in age, looks and behavior so much that I suspect that they are from the same litter. Here in Ahmedabad, I adopted Mishka, our blind, diabetic, innocent, and crazy princess who has only 3 priorities in life – food, pats, and more food.

At The Mother Dog, we aim at providing what your dogs truly deserve to eat – best quality fresh food filled with all the right nutrients and rich in taste – delivered right at your doorstep. Our fresh food come in different flavors and each recipe is carefully designed to ensure correct, complete, and balanced nutrition. All our preparations are made with freshly sourced human-grade ingredients and are completely free from preservatives, synthetic additives, grains, soy, corn, sugar, and salt.

Shiny Sundharam

Chief Tasting Officer

Chief Barketing Officer